"Stand Up for Journalism" Campaign in Cyprus

On the occasion of the European campaign "Stand up for Journalism", the Executive Committee of the Union of Cyprus Journalists submitted to the President of the Republic of Cyprus, the President of the House of Representatives, the Attorney General and the heads of all parliamentary parties a Memorandum which describes the problems and issues that concern both the journalistic world and its professional organisation and demands practical measures by the appropriate authorities for a quick and right remedy and settlement.

The Memorandum stresses the need for practical measures by the State in order to tackle and regulate the various problems, with the main objective of protecting and qualitatively upgrading the journalistic profession, by institutional measures, to the benefit of journalism and the society at large.

The Executive Committee of the UCJ has requested and is expecting to have soon meetings with government and legislature officials and political leaders in order to discus the above mentioned demands and to have a productive dialog for the measures that must be taken for their solution.

Executive Council
of the Union of Cyprus Journalists

November 6, 2009





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